“Silverton Colorado”

The little mining town and one tiny grocery store to make it that home sweet home nestled in the valley in between the mountains of Colorado.


Ten Mile Range and Alpenglow“Ten Mile Range”

“As for certain”  There are places that just produce great light, you keep coming back for more. I have found the light never or seldom to disappoint.  It has magic in the air at sunset. I know of an area in California that produces magic light as well. I tend to spend more time in these locations, because good light spells opportunity!


El Matador Beach“El Matador Beach”

Ive been working on this image for some time. Cool meets the warm in this image of El Matador Beach. It has that contrast that is highly compatible with one another. I found that nature found my elements that I needed to create this image of El Matador Beach, a natural splender!  Check out this video of El Matador Beach

Salmon Creek Falls” Waterfalls “

Picking a good waterfall is hard to find and not to mention photograph. Some waterfalls photograph well and some just do not make the cut.  This waterfall came out wonderful and I was very pleases to make this image happen. I knew it was special as I shot this location extensively.  I have a video for your experience


Big Sur in Summer” Big Sur in Summer”

I have never been to California in Summer, I decided to take a road trip to California and ride along the coast and do some camping and photo shoot. The wildflowers were thick in yellow, this is a type of goldenrod in which there are many varities of this species. Enjoy the video for your experience


Los Olivos Vintage” Los Olivos “

Los Olivos California is in a beautiful setting ten miles from the coast with rolling hills and Live Oak trees. California has some of the best vineyards in the world, producing such varities as Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Merlot,  Rose, Chardonnay. In a region where there are many varietes that will grow along the coast as one of best in world in wine making.


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