Jeffs finalIn my wildest dreams would I dream of becoming a beloved photographer, perhaps I am an artist of many mediums. As I was taking photography in school and enjoyed the feel of the camera in my hand. I enjoy many mediums that involve creativity. I work with the natural beauty of wood, I restore the “Bungalow Style” homes to bring back that charm that was left behind. Perhaps my octagon

Spanish fountain and flagstone pathway gardens to bring those natural feelings in my life to be ever so precious, “Not to take simple things for granted”. I would rather consume my soul into natural spaces in bringing to light the beauty in all of its pure ways. Purity is hard to come by in this age. I remember being pure, but some things in life bring us into exposure, and maybe our exposure to natural places is what it takes to get those purities back!

I have one dream that has always comes into mind and that is to sail around the world on a wooden ship I would build. No matter what the situation in my life will be, ( more money or less). I will proceed in that dream even if the ship is not done yet, the dream is beginning!

As a photographer, I have the passion of witnessing life as it happens, moments that are seconds. Being in your in favorite surroundings and capturing that moment whether it be a rainbow or a heavenly cloud. I do indeed try to portray a purity in my images, with an understanding of the “Heavens” would be like. In my path of understanding life, I enjoy experiencing our living planet.

Jeffrey, Timeless